Access to a prestigious UK education

Study Group offers a wide range of access programmes to help international students meet the entry requirements for the UK’s globally renowned universities and colleges.

Courses prepare students for further study, providing English language tuition, relevant academic lessons and an invaluable introduction to the UK education system and culture.

Expert teaching and modern facilities

With support and encouragement from expert teaching staff, students achieve better results than they would by taking the direct route to study in the UK.

Study Group’s access programmes mirror the tried and tested teaching styles and techniques in place at our partner universities and colleges.

Many of the ISCs are based on their associated university campus where modern facilities are tailored to students' needs.

Immersing international students in UK culture

While academic success will always be the primary focus of each access programme, we recognise that there’s more to a UK study abroad experience than achieving grades.

Choosing to study in the UK allows students to live and learn in a multi-cultural society that’s rich in history, culture and diverse landscapes. 

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